[Ardour-Users] 4.7.0 terminates when accessing OvertoneDSP plugins

jonetsu at teksavvy.com jonetsu at teksavvy.com
Sat Mar 19 18:51:11 PDT 2016

4.7.0 terminates every single time an OvertoneDSP plugin is
double-clicked to display its GUI.  Harrison and U-he plugins are fine
in the same session. Only OvertoneDSP plugins (EQ500, RVB500, AF210).
It is not a crash per se since at restart Ardour does not report a
crash has happened.

While still having Ardour running, Bitwig was started.  The OvertoneDSP
RVB500 was loaded on a track.  It crashed at load time.  In Bitwig,
only the plugin crashes, and a button is shown to reload the plugin, or
all plugins.  In this case it made all plugins crash.  So it was
reloaded.  Then I tried to access the RVB5000 GUI and it crashed.
Tried it a few more times, crashed each time.

So, I closed everything and rebooted.  This time only started Bitwig
with the same session (that already has 10 plugin synths in it).  Loaded
up the RVB500. Fine. Accessed the GUI, fine.  Modified some params,
saved the session, closed the session, reloaded the session, fine.  All
params were saved.

Why stop there ?  So while Bitwig is still running, I restarted Ardour
with the same session as before.  Double-clicked the RVB500.  Fine.  No
crash, no nothing.

At least it seems there's a work-around of sorts :)


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