[Ardour-Users] Moving the beginning and the end of a recording

Gunter Königsmann gunter at peterpall.de
Fri Jul 22 02:17:31 PDT 2016

> I think I can confirm this:
> - Create a session with one long recording (mine contained one 2 hours
> recording in one track. If you want I can upload such a session somewhere)
> - Set the edit point to be the playhead
> - select "No grid"
> - Zoom in far enough that you can see a fraction of a second
> - Select "grab mode"
> - click on the recording
> - Set the play head to the place you want to cut the recording at
> - press "j"
> - The recording is truncated slightly to the left of the playhead.
I Seems like I have to apologize for repetitively failing when trying to
set the edit point to the play head: With my ardour from git the j and k
keys still move the beginning or the end of the waveform to the mouse
pointer, not to the edit point even if I have set the right
drop-down-menu whose tooltip reads "Edit point" to "Playhead". Setting
it to "Marker" or "Mouse" doesn't change this.
But how do I set the edit point? Ardour has grown to be quite usable but
this time I am kind of lost...

Kind regards,


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