[Ardour-Users] A5pre: Region trim issue

Damien Delpiroux xzurukneg at free.fr
Sat Jul 2 09:01:23 PDT 2016

Hello again.
I like the "new" ardour aspect (I worked with A2 for a long time), but
something that irritates me is the problems about region trim, specially
with region start and when other "things" (like play head, another
region end) are at same location.
I reported a part of this here:

But maybe I don't understand a new approach to do this? Because this
problems comes from A4, as I remember.
For example in this case(cf trim3.png): how am I supposed to trim the
selected region start?
I think I never had this problems with A3. But since A4, the program
often propose to edit the region that I don't want to.
Know issue?
Something with layer?
Something to configure?



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