[Ardour-Users] Export hangs after script executing

JoergSorge joergsorge at kom-in.de
Wed Feb 24 00:04:45 PST 2016

Hi Robin,
> jack2 version counting is odd.
> Jack 1.9.10 can be any version that from the minute 1.9.9 was released.
>  The 1.9.9 release marks the beginning of 1.9.10 development cycle.
> Some distros just package git versions which are then called 1.9.10 but
> are not the actual 1.9.10 release (they're really in between 1.9.9 and
> 1.9.10)  and yes, 1.9.10 might be too old in that case.
> 1.9.11 (actually git: 1.9.10-g1ed50c92) is known to be good WRT to this
> freewheeling bug.

can you lead me to the right place?

On github, I don't actually find your suggested release. The latest that
I can find is:

Or did you mean the latest master?

Regards Jörg

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