[Ardour-Users] Export hangs after script executing

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Tue Feb 23 22:32:50 PST 2016

On Wed, 24 Feb 2016 00:38:22 +0100, Robin Gareus wrote:
>actually git: 1.9.10-g1ed50c92) is known to be good WRT to this
>freewheeling bug

IOW I can't use Ardour because:

1. I can't use ALSA, because the Linux driver for some RME cards is

2. I can't use JACK2, because even rolling releases that follow latest
official releases from upstream, provide a buggy version of JACK2.

IOW don't expect that your RME card works with Ardour ALSA and don't
expect that the official latest release of JACK2 works with Ardour.

Either build JACK2 from git or use JACK1 [1] or drop your RME card and
buy another audio card.

So running Ardour became not that easy.


Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2016 11:13:06 -0500
From: Paul Davis <paul at linuxaudiosystems.com>
To: JACK <jack-devel at lists.jackaudio.org>
Subject: [Jack-Devel] stepping down

Sometime in the next two weeks, I will find the time to deal with a
variety of pull requests for JACK 1, update some articles on
jackaudio.org (notably FAQ stuff), and do a new release of JACK 1.

This will be my last work on JACK. The time has come for me to step down
from my role as "benign dictator (and jack1 maintainer)". There several
reasons for this:

  * most linux distributions use JACK2 as their default, so JACK1's
relevance has diminished. I
    still believe JACK1 to be a superior choice from some technical
perspectives, but there is
    no doubt that JACK2's integration with dbus and thus its
interoperability with PulseAudio
    has made this the safe and simpler choice for Linux.

 * I really don't have the time to even think about things related to
   JACK these days. It does
   any future development a disservice to have me as the bottleneck,
   which I effectively am
   at the moment.

 * Because 110% of my time is spent on Ardour, the fact that Ardour now
   has non-JACK
   audio/MIDI I/O options has diminished the significance of JACK for my
own work.

 * as the years have gone on, although I am still delighted by the
technical quality and
   the conception of JACK, I no longer think that it is a particularly
   good idea for most users. There
   are times when it is useful

I will continue to pay for the hosting of jackaudio.org (even though
JACK2 continues to be distributed, managed and communicated about via
other channels), although if someone wanted to migrate this to some
other more communitarian platform, we could look into that.

I would be happy if someone volunteered to step up as maintainer of
JACK1. It would obviously be even better if someone was willing to take
the big leap to JACK3, a version that combines all the best parts of
JACK1 and JACK2, but I think it is more realistic to accept at this
point that this is not going to happen.

If nobody does step up, then there is a good chance that JACK1 will
become officially unmaintained. This isn't of much consequence, because
once the latest pull requests are merged, there won't be any known bugs
in the code, and also because not many people use it anymore. This also
means, of course, that "maintainer" is not much of a task, should
someone feel hesitant about taking it on.


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