[Ardour-Users] Ardour 4.7 is released

JoergSorge joergsorge at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 11:19:01 PST 2016

Thanks for continuous working on Ardour!

Am 19.02.2016 um 17:07 schrieb Paul Davis:
> Ardour 4.7 is now available, including a variety of improvements and minor
> bug fixes. The two most significant changes are:
>    1. A new dialog that shows a detailed and wide-ranging analysis of the
>    audio file(s) generated by export. It shows waveform, spectral and level
>    distribution views as well as peak and true peak level information and
>    allows for previewing of the exported files. *The development of this
>    dialog was sponsored by Harrison Consoles, and represents another great
>    example of their collaborative engagement with the Ardour development
>    process.*
>    2. The greatly improved version of Mackie Control support that we're
>    really excited about. Ardour's support for these devices is now very close
>    to where we want it to be in terms of using the visibly obvious features of
>    most Mackie Control surfaces. We still plan to go deeper into plugin
>    control and more in future releases.
> The full list of changes is shown below.
> Download   <http://ardour.org/download.html>
> Additions
>    - New Post-Export Analysis window
>    - Add display of signal level during latency measurement
>    - Add support/options for the Presonus FaderPort footswitch
>    - OSC: allow logging/debugging of incoming messages
>    - OSC: add new messages addresses to allow enhanced control with TouchOSC
>    - Add a "zoom-to-10-seconds" action/menu item
>    - Add an "record-enable all tracks" action/menu item
>    - Add option to always use mouse position for zoom focus, making zoom
>    scroll behaviour consistent across rulers and main track area
>    - New MIDI binding map for Akai MPK Mini, and Novation LaunchKey 25
>    - Add a button to the Audio/MIDI Setup dialog to choose between the
>    callback and blocking version of the Windows audio/MIDI I/O backend. There
>    still appear to be devices and conditions where one of these choices gives
>    better results than the other, but unfortunately no way to tell without
>    just trying them both.
> Improvements
>    - Turn out all lights on a Presonus FaderPort when exiting the program
>    - Duplicate range can now work with multiple time ranges
>    - When using stationary playhead mode, keep the playhead centered
>    - Group edit dialog is no longer modal, so you can continue working
>    while it remains visible.
>    - Take snap settings into account when stretching regions
>    - "Insert Time" now ignores mouse as the edit point, just like "Remove
>    Time"
>    - Implement MIDI device enumeration and latency calibration for the
>    Windows audio backend (PortAudio)
>    - Allow removing the timespan name from export filenames
>    - Subtly improve general scrolling behaviour in editor window
>    - Improve import of ProTools 5 sessions
>    - Add preliminary support for import of ProTools 10 and 11 sessions
>    - Better support for VST plugins with an interest in transport state
>    - Make it clear that a missing plugin may have been blacklist
>    - Improve the accuracy of the tap-tempo estimator
> Fixes
>    - Various fixes for incorrect visibility of MIDI ghost notes in the GUI
>    when editing.
>    - Toggle transport state (normally bound to the space bar) now works
>    even when using JACK Transport
>    - Fix incorrect movement of regions glued to BBT time after a tempo
>    change
>    - Improve handling of MIDI note selection in the GUI, dramatically
>    speeding up some operations in larger sessions
>    - Generic MIDI: midi controller buttons now trigger only on the push
>    message, not the release
>    - Generic MIDI: if a CC message is bound to a toggle control, toggle the
>    control only when the incoming value is greater than 0x40 (64)
>    - Force LV2 plugins to save some state when creating track or session
>    templates
>    - Fix ipMIDI support on Windows (affects use of SSL Nucleus control
>    surface)
>    - Fix behaviour of fader numeric displays when leaving an active
>    automation state
>    - Allow use of UTF8 characters in filenames during export
>    - Fix an unlikely, subtle bug on OS X when the list of available audio
>    devices is changed by the operating system (e.g. device hotplugging)
>    - Fix a crash when an export is cancelled before it finishes
>    - Fix display of MIDNAM-provided note names while dragging MIDI notes
>    - Fix crash when right (context) clicking in the name box of the
>    selected track
>    - Fix inactive MIDI track headers on session reload
>    - Fix failure to show text selection in track name entry boxes
>    - OS X: Cmd-<key> now works in some situations where it was failing
>    before
>    - Avoid generating zero-byte files when exporting using normalize + trim
>    silence at end
> Developers
> Robin Gareus, Len Ovens, André Nusser, Nick Mainsbridge, Tim Mayberry, Ben
> Loftis, Julien Roger, Paul Davis, Damien Zammit, Pavel Potocek
> Updated Translations
> Czech
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