[Ardour-Users] Cannot use real-time scheduling on Fedora23

Tim lists at kiuni.de
Mon Feb 8 15:19:42 PST 2016

What I have done so far and in short steps:

1. /etc/fstab
Replace "defaults" with "noatime,nodiratime" for all filesystems except swap
2. /etc/sysctl.conf
Add two lines to this file:
fs.inotify.max_user_watches = 524288
vm.swappiness = 10
3. Create file /etc/udev/rules.d/50-jackuser-timings.rules:
Content (case sensitive):
KERNEL=="rtc0", GROUP="jackuser"
KERNEL=="hpet", GROUP="jackuser"
4. Install some packages:
dnf install kernel-tools realTimeConfigQuickScan rtirq
5. /etc/default/grub
Add the 'threadirqs' parameter to startup line and update grub: grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg
6. Enable cpupower (kernel-tools package)
systemctl enable cpupower
systemctl start cpupower
7. Edit /etc/sysconfig/rtirq to your needs
8. Run realTimeConfigQuickScan and check, if all is well after rebooting
9. Possibly check Redhats realtime guide for more tuning stuff

Please verify all steps because I wrote this out of my mind - got no machine here.

BTW: Fedoras stock kernel is build with preempt voluntary, not just preempt.


Am 8. Februar 2016 18:15:30 MEZ, schrieb George Vergis <g_vergis at yahoo.com>:
>Hi Tim
>I am glad you got realtime scheduling with kernel-rt. I am looking
>forward to your documentation. I also appreciate your willingness to
>help. Please see my inline reply below
>> On Feb 8, 2016, at 4:36 AM, Tim <lists at kiuni.de> wrote:
>> Yes, I'm doing a documentation to install a Fedora Audio Production
>machine, but I'm not finished in writing all down.
>> Do you run realTimeConfigQuickScan? It's interesting that the ccrma
>kernel is not recognized as a realtime kernel by this script. But this
>kernels config parameters seem to be fine
>> >>My first time hearing about it
>> Some more questions:
>> 1. Did you write a udev rule for rtc0 and hpet?
>>>No, but will look for documentation on it on the web.
>> 2. Have you tried commenting out the lines for pulse-rt and setting
>memory limit to unlimited?
>>>No. Wouldn't this setting equally affect the normal Kernel. (Standard
>kernel can schedule realtime). Regardless, I will try the settings and
>report back. (Don't have access to the computer at the moment)
>> 3. What about max_user_watches and swappiness in your
>>>I kept the default Fedora installation settings. 
>> 4. Did you use the server image for installation? When using the
>server iso you can switch to a mirror near you as installation source
>and you will a lot of installation options, i.e. another desktop
>>>I used the official Workstation ISO. But very good idea on using a
>leaner desktop manager
>> Regards
>> Tim
>> Am 31. Januar 2016 04:02:27 MEZ, schrieb George Vergis
><g_vergis at yahoo.com>:
>>> Hi All,
>>> I am not able to run jack in realtime mode with planet CCRMA kernel
>(4.1.12-300.rt13.1.fc23.ccrma.x86_64+rt). However, I can boot to a
>standard kernel and run jack with realtime scheduling privileges
>(Kernel: 4.3.3-303.fc23.x86_64). So I am assuming the permission and
>limits configuration common to both Kernel is not the issue.
>>> The error I get is...
>>> Cannot use real-time scheduling (RR/60)(1: Operation not permitted)
>>> AcquireSelfRealTime error
>>> These are steps I have taken so far...and still get the error above.
>>> 1) Adding the username to jackuser and audio group  
>>>     groups>> wheel audio users jackuser pulse-rt
>>> 2) Adjusted /etc/security/limits.d/95-jack.conf
>>>     @jackuser - rtprio 95
>>>     @jackuser - memlock 4194304
>>>     @pulse-rt - rtprio 20
>>>     @pulse-rt - nice -20
>>> 3) Rebooted the kernel.
>>> Just curious: is there anyone running the latest fedora, fedora 23,
>and the kernel-rt for audio production? 
>>> Any help is appreciated
>>> Thanks
>>> George
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