[Ardour-Users] Ardour 4.7 is released

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Fri Feb 19 08:07:32 PST 2016

Ardour 4.7 is now available, including a variety of improvements and minor
bug fixes. The two most significant changes are:

   1. A new dialog that shows a detailed and wide-ranging analysis of the
   audio file(s) generated by export. It shows waveform, spectral and level
   distribution views as well as peak and true peak level information and
   allows for previewing of the exported files. *The development of this
   dialog was sponsored by Harrison Consoles, and represents another great
   example of their collaborative engagement with the Ardour development
   2. The greatly improved version of Mackie Control support that we're
   really excited about. Ardour's support for these devices is now very close
   to where we want it to be in terms of using the visibly obvious features of
   most Mackie Control surfaces. We still plan to go deeper into plugin
   control and more in future releases.

The full list of changes is shown below.

Download   <http://ardour.org/download.html>

   - New Post-Export Analysis window
   - Add display of signal level during latency measurement
   - Add support/options for the Presonus FaderPort footswitch
   - OSC: allow logging/debugging of incoming messages
   - OSC: add new messages addresses to allow enhanced control with TouchOSC
   - Add a "zoom-to-10-seconds" action/menu item
   - Add an "record-enable all tracks" action/menu item
   - Add option to always use mouse position for zoom focus, making zoom
   scroll behaviour consistent across rulers and main track area
   - New MIDI binding map for Akai MPK Mini, and Novation LaunchKey 25
   - Add a button to the Audio/MIDI Setup dialog to choose between the
   callback and blocking version of the Windows audio/MIDI I/O backend. There
   still appear to be devices and conditions where one of these choices gives
   better results than the other, but unfortunately no way to tell without
   just trying them both.


   - Turn out all lights on a Presonus FaderPort when exiting the program
   - Duplicate range can now work with multiple time ranges
   - When using stationary playhead mode, keep the playhead centered
   - Group edit dialog is no longer modal, so you can continue working
   while it remains visible.
   - Take snap settings into account when stretching regions
   - "Insert Time" now ignores mouse as the edit point, just like "Remove
   - Implement MIDI device enumeration and latency calibration for the
   Windows audio backend (PortAudio)
   - Allow removing the timespan name from export filenames
   - Subtly improve general scrolling behaviour in editor window
   - Improve import of ProTools 5 sessions
   - Add preliminary support for import of ProTools 10 and 11 sessions
   - Better support for VST plugins with an interest in transport state
   - Make it clear that a missing plugin may have been blacklist
   - Improve the accuracy of the tap-tempo estimator


   - Various fixes for incorrect visibility of MIDI ghost notes in the GUI
   when editing.
   - Toggle transport state (normally bound to the space bar) now works
   even when using JACK Transport
   - Fix incorrect movement of regions glued to BBT time after a tempo
   - Improve handling of MIDI note selection in the GUI, dramatically
   speeding up some operations in larger sessions
   - Generic MIDI: midi controller buttons now trigger only on the push
   message, not the release
   - Generic MIDI: if a CC message is bound to a toggle control, toggle the
   control only when the incoming value is greater than 0x40 (64)
   - Force LV2 plugins to save some state when creating track or session
   - Fix ipMIDI support on Windows (affects use of SSL Nucleus control
   - Fix behaviour of fader numeric displays when leaving an active
   automation state
   - Allow use of UTF8 characters in filenames during export
   - Fix an unlikely, subtle bug on OS X when the list of available audio
   devices is changed by the operating system (e.g. device hotplugging)
   - Fix a crash when an export is cancelled before it finishes
   - Fix display of MIDNAM-provided note names while dragging MIDI notes
   - Fix crash when right (context) clicking in the name box of the
   selected track
   - Fix inactive MIDI track headers on session reload
   - Fix failure to show text selection in track name entry boxes
   - OS X: Cmd-<key> now works in some situations where it was failing
   - Avoid generating zero-byte files when exporting using normalize + trim
   silence at end


Robin Gareus, Len Ovens, André Nusser, Nick Mainsbridge, Tim Mayberry, Ben
Loftis, Julien Roger, Paul Davis, Damien Zammit, Pavel Potocek
Updated Translations

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