[Ardour-Users] Ardour 5 trim mod with mouse nearly unuseable

JoergSorge technik at srb.fm
Sun Aug 14 23:37:26 PDT 2016

Hi Damien,

>> In prior versions of Ardour, it was possible to trim the begin of a
>> region simply by click in the left half of a region, and the end when
>> clicking in the right half. It was a very good feature in compete to
>> other DAWs. I may be happy, when this behaviour will be restoring in the
>> next bugfix.
> Me too!

I forgot, that this behaviour is furthermore integrated. But you have to
activate this on a place, there you not searching for:

Go to Preferences-> GUI -> Use name highlight bars in region displays
(requires a restart)

And the mouse isn't changing by mouse over, you have to click in the
color line to toggle this function on.

Regards Jörg

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