[Ardour-Users] resampling clicks

. m u r m e r . murmer at murmerings.com
Thu Apr 21 04:23:22 PDT 2016

ps - the clicks do not appear visually in the waveforms, but are 
consistent in placement and can be removed by slicing out a fragment of 
the affected region, but not by dropping the region or the track's volume.

On 2016.04.21 14:15 , . m u r m e r . wrote:
> a curious occurrence i've noticed over the last few weeks, that i've
> just narrowed down enough to ask about it here - my current installation
> is having trouble when resampling audio, and inserts seemingly random
> clicks into the resampled audio. so far it has happened to me when
> importing existing audio, copying to project, and resampling from the
> audio's recorded 48kHz down to the project's 44.1kHz. i'm running 4.7.13
> on a macbook pro, el capitan. i'm getting around it now by resampling
> audio in audacity and then importing, which eliminates the clicks. any
> ideas?
> best,
> patrick


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