[Ardour-Users] Ardour plugin automation in Regular (non-Master) tracks and buses

Gehmans Utility Barns gub2 at emypeople.net
Mon Sep 21 16:34:39 PDT 2015

|More specifically, on all buses other than the master bus, the “Effects
Processor Automation” menu item in the track context menu is disabled.


I have done some more testing on a new project, as suggested by Jörn
Nettingsmeier, and have found that the disabled menu item mentioned above is
not a bug. The problem was that I had placed all tracks in an active group,
so that they were selected and de-selected together. By deactivating the
group, I was able to select only one track at a time, and thus was able to
show the automation for the effects processors that I wanted. Furthermore,
this automation does appear to be functioning properly, so the bug-trackers
don’t need to check this one out.


Thank you for your help,

Stanley Gehman,

TruLife Acoustics

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