[Ardour-Users] increasing tempo

Eduardo Mezêncio eduardomezencio at autistici.org
Thu Nov 12 14:42:53 PST 2015

On 11/12/2015 08:27 PM, Dominic Sacré wrote:
> I've written a small script which can make this task a lot less tedious:
> https://github.com/dsacre/klick2ardour
> The script reads klick tempo maps (which are simple text files) and
> rewrites the tempo markers in existing Ardour session files. If the
> tempo map contains ramps it will add one marker per beat, just like you
> describe.
> You can still set the tempo of each beat individually if you need to,
> but it should generate smooth ramps if you just say "change tempo from x
> bpm to y bpm over this many bars".
> Dominic

I still hope Ardour will support accelerando/ritardando on its own in
the future but man, this script is a real life saver for me right now.
Thank you very much!

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