[Ardour-Users] Collection of bundled plugins - Part 1 - What do users want?

Damien Zammit damien at zamaudio.com
Tue Nov 10 17:29:59 PST 2015

Hi Ardour lovers,

I have made a couple of small contributions to Ardour in the past.
I wish to address the issue of Ardour not currently being bundled with a
set of basic plugins.
While I am the author of the zam-plugins suite, I don't think it is
appropriate to suggest they be bundled with Ardour directly.

I think the first step is to collect as much input from you folks, the
users of Ardour, so I can most effectively create a small set that
people will actually want to use.

I can (and will make time to) take existing plugins which you like and
rewrite a common set of GUIs so that they all have the same theme, and
suggest that they be bundled with Ardour if they sound good.

May I start by presenting you with a mockup of a delay plugin:


This is my latest creation, and I would like suggestions of what is
missing from the controls to make it a good compromise between
functionality and simplicity.  I have on purpose made it a mono plugin
so that it can be as simple as possible without any extra stereo controls.

What I would really like to know is if this plugin were bundled with
Ardour, would most people use it or not?  For example, is stereo
ping-pong etc a necessary thing to have in a basic delay?

Perhaps we can discuss the plugin types one at a time in detail to get a
feel for what people need/want.


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