[Ardour-Users] Multi-channel Midi file import problem

Ivan K ivan_521521 at yahoo.com
Mon May 11 19:00:14 PDT 2015

I have not had a problem with importing one channel Midi files,
however, when I have tried to import a two or more channel Midi file,
the following has been happening consistently:

The Midi file imports fine and I can assign the various Midi tracks
to plugins with no problems.  When I close the session and later re-open
the same session, there is always midi data missing.  While all the midi
track entries remain, all midi tracks except the last one displayed are
empty and have no midi data.

Whenever I have imported my Midi files into Ardour, the following message
has been displayed in the log window:

  [WARNING]: MidiCCAutomation for non-MidiTrack
  Track 1 of /u1/ivank/lilypond/tech/piece01-t02.midi contained no usable MIDI data

This message has displayed with every Midi file I have ever imported, both
the one channel files which I have not had a problem with and the five channel
file with the above listed problem.

Might anyone have any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?

I am using ardour3-3.5.403-1 x86_64 under Fedora 20.
The Midi files are being created by LilyPond 2.18.2.
I first started working with Ardour less than a week ago.

Thank you very much for your time and patience.

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