[Ardour-Users] plan to update FLOSS tutorial to version 4

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Sat Jun 27 19:23:24 PDT 2015

On 06/28/2015 02:26 AM, Bruno Ruviaro wrote:
> Hi all,
> Sometime this summer I would like to update the FLOSS tutorial from version
> 3 to 4. Version 3 is currently here:
> http://brunoruviaro.github.io/ardour3-floss-tutorial/


> If anybody is interested and has the time to help out, it would be great to
> do this as a small team -- perhaps a "book sprint" effort lasting one week
> or something like that. Essentially, the bulk of the work is to re-read the
> whole thing and change text and screenshots as needed to reflect 4.X
> changes.
> In addition, if there are Mac and Windows users willing to write specific
> pages for their OS'es, that would be excellent.
> Finally, I noticed today that the "Help > Manual" menu of Ardour 4.1
> redirects to the old FLOSS manual for version 2.8. Would it be appropriate
> to make the menu point to this new version I have been hosting on github?

Yes, it makes perfect sense. While many of the concepts described in old
flossmanual are still valid, it is indeed rather dated.

Done. https://github.com/Ardour/ardour/commit/bdd46bad

It's a user preference where the link goes, so this update has no effect
if a user keeps old settings. I don't know if we can easily do something
about that with the next release. I'll sleep over it.

Now there's a 302 redirect from http://ardour.org/tutorial to
http://brunoruviaro.github.io/ardour3-floss-tutorial/ . So in the future
we can change it easily to e.g. ardour4-floss-manual server side.

(the old flossmanual link is a 301 permanent redirect, no dice)

> Or would it be desirable to merge it somehow as a separate section of the
> main Ardour documentation? (bearing in mind that this FLOSS tutorial is
> essentially a different animal than the Reference Manual; the former is
> conversational in tone and guides the reader along with practical exercises
> and goal-oriented tasks; the latter is intended to be a comprehensive
> reference manual with in-depth explanations.)
more of the

I think it's good to keep both separate, The tutorial is orthogonal to
the reference manual.

It's an excellent beginner's tutorial. Thanks for writing and
maintaining it. I dare say that hosting or mirroring the final site on
ardour.github.io or somewhere on *.ardour.org or can be arranged easily
if there's interest (all hail git).


PS. We also have a standing offer from sourcefabric to move to
https://www.booktype.pro/ for free (engine successor to
flossmanuals.net); but unless the idea is to eventually publish it as
paperback, the current github version is more convenient.

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