[Ardour-Users] plan to update FLOSS tutorial to version 4

Bruno Ruviaro bruviaro at scu.edu
Sat Jun 27 17:26:29 PDT 2015

Hi all,

Sometime this summer I would like to update the FLOSS tutorial from version
3 to 4. Version 3 is currently here:

If anybody is interested and has the time to help out, it would be great to
do this as a small team -- perhaps a "book sprint" effort lasting one week
or something like that. Essentially, the bulk of the work is to re-read the
whole thing and change text and screenshots as needed to reflect 4.X

In addition, if there are Mac and Windows users willing to write specific
pages for their OS'es, that would be excellent.

Finally, I noticed today that the "Help > Manual" menu of Ardour 4.1
redirects to the old FLOSS manual for version 2.8. Would it be appropriate
to make the menu point to this new version I have been hosting on github?
Or would it be desirable to merge it somehow as a separate section of the
main Ardour documentation? (bearing in mind that this FLOSS tutorial is
essentially a different animal than the Reference Manual; the former is
conversational in tone and guides the reader along with practical exercises
and goal-oriented tasks; the latter is intended to be a comprehensive
reference manual with in-depth explanations.)

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