[Ardour-Users] calculation of plug-in latency

Lukas Pirl ardour at lukas-pirl.de
Wed Jul 22 04:11:50 PDT 2015

Dear list,

currently, I am experimenting with my little and dusty knowledge in C to
create a trivial LV2 plug-in.

As from what I understand, Ardour calculates the latency when stopping
the transport.

However, I think I came across a use case where updating the latency
would also be useful when the transport is stopped (so that when
starting to roll, everything is configured correctly).

Would it be reasonable to calculate the latency of a track when a
plug-in parameter was changed even when not rolling?
The LV2 specification requires plug-ins to update their control outputs
when `run` is called with sample_count==0. That appears to be useful for
that scenario.

(I am aware of the tracker and will create a ticket there if it turns
out to be reasonable)



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