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I have recently purchased a Midas M32 as a gift to myself for surviving my
divorce ;) I have been able to set it up to allow me to do normal routing
with 'in the box' mixes,  using the M32 for a kind of mastering approach.
It sounds incredible! I have also connected ll the outs from my rayDAT to
do 'out of the box' mixes, which also sound great.

However, I want to use it as a full controller for the DAW, as I like the
old fashioned ability to move multiple faders at once with both hands. The
M32 has DAW Mackie and OSC control, but only moves the faders in the bank
of 8 to the right (bus/matrix faders), not the multiple banks of 16 faders
that are the normal channel faders (1 - 32).

So, I am of the belief that I can actually set a control ID to each fader
on the M32, and to each fader in Ardour. If that is true, then I simply
need to map each DAW fader to the M32 fader. Could Someone point me in the
right direction from the Ardour point of view? I am good with XML, and most
scripting languages, but VERY rusty in C (think decades). I'd be very happy
to hand over the results of the mapping so that no one else has to go
through that process, I just need pointers ...

... or am I just Crazy and it cannot be done?


i7 CPU, 32G RAM, 500G SSD, RME rayDAT, HS7 monitors, HS8 sub, Midas
M32+XDAT .

be light of step and full of heart,
live in seconds,
dream in lifetimes,
and always
carry a spare
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