[Ardour-Users] Start w/o mixer panel redux

jonetsu at teksavvy.com jonetsu at teksavvy.com
Fri Oct 10 12:23:32 PDT 2014


  I can now reporduce, using 403, the steps to replicate the problem.
The problem is, when Ardour starts and shows the mixer panel, disabling
it in the menu option, then restarting Ardour will still show it at
restart.  From the instant.xml point of view:

Disable mixer panel using menu option, then close Ardour:

  <Mixer narrow-strips="no" show-mixer="yes" maximised="no">

Restart Ardour.  Mixer panel is shown.  So far the logic is good.

Now close the mixer panel by using the its window 'X' button, then close

  <Mixer narrow-strips="no" show-mixer="no" maximised="no">

Restart Ardour.  Mixer panel does not show.  Logic is intact.

Conclusion: the software path is not the same even though these would
be two identical actions (from the user perspective).  The instant.xml
file gets written-to only when the window 'X' button is clicked.  In a
ll cases Ardour was exited also using its window 'X' button.

System is Linux Mint 14.  KDE 4:4.9.5-0ubuntu0.1, libgtk

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