[Ardour-Users] MIDI mappings

oli_kester oli_kester at zoho.com
Thu Nov 27 13:48:50 PST 2014

Hello all

Quick question - are midi controller mappings (the Ctl+MiddleMouseClick ones) supposed to be remembered between session loads? Because for me, these are lost every time I close and re-open the session - which makes an otherwise slick piece of software slightly less so. 

I'm using an M-Audio Oxygen USB MIDI keyboard (2nd Gen). Speaking of which - the sliders seem to respond poorly when mapped to the mixer levels. They only take affect when the physical slider has passed the point at which the digital one is set, and if moved too fast the readings are ignored entirely. Is this due to bad drivers or bad hardware, or is it a problem in Ardour?

Best, Oliver

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