[Ardour-Users] Ardour 3 and ugly fonts

Carlo Ascani carlo.ratm at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 01:02:53 PDT 2014

These days I am experiencing a very strange behavior from Ardour 3.

Randomly, it starts up with really ugly fonts (and icons) [1].
It is absolutely random.
In the linked video [2] you can see what I mean, only the 4th and 6th
times I run ardour3, it uses my gtk font (and icons)  [3].

Do you guys think this is Ardour-related ?
The other GTK apps does not have this problem.

[1] : http://carlorat.me/download/2014-03-18-075223_2720x900_scrot.png
[2] : http://carlorat.me/download/out.ogv
[3] : http://carlorat.me/download/2014-03-18-075404_2720x900_scrot.png

Carlo Ascani | carlorat.me
skype: carloratm

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