[Ardour-Users] Noob plugin questions

Mike Morris mcmorris95125 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 14:36:12 PDT 2014

I'm a hobbyist... maybe not even that, just curious. I think Ardour is "you
know, like, totally awesome", and have played with it off & on for a while;
now I"m exploring plugins.

So my probably stupid quandry:

In the CMT set of plugins are four sine way oscillators, with Freq and Ampl
inputs that are either of type "Control" or "Audio" depending on which
plugin. Obviously the "Control" inputs show as standard (numeric value)
plugin controls. But I don't understand what the Audio inputs expect.

I've supplied an audio signal and haven't received any signal generation
from the plugin. Does it expect a DC level on the input, proportional to
desired Freq or Ampl? Or does the plugin's output attempt to match it's
Freq or Ampl to the input signals? That doesn't seem very useful... if I
already had a signal of desired Freq & Ampl, I'd probably just skip the
oscillator :-)

Thanks for your patience,

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