[Ardour-Users] No sound from my speakers

Fred f.rech at yahoo.fr
Fri Jul 11 12:14:16 PDT 2014

Le 11/07/2014 19:52, German a écrit :
> It is really difficult to get support and advice from knowledgable person. If someone authoritattive enough tells me to toss out Pulseaudio and works be through my set up, I possibly give it a try. For now, I don't want to break what is already working
frankly speaking, welcome in the world of freedom. you've got all the 
choices. you may choose the freedom of choice between all those 
wonderful eyecandy winblows softwares, or the choice of freedom, if this 
sentence is accepted.. if you are here on this list, you probably 
already made the choice of freedom. but you don't have to think it's 
like disneyland. last word is not a good word. here, in reality, 
everybody is sober-minded to do his part. yours, to have a system 
working as you expect it to do, is to "surf" enough to have it working. 
as said before i'm not a

knowledgable person

as you said, i'm just using Linux to make music, since years, and try to get you to something like... "ardour"

am not involved in this project, anymore than as a volunteer translator (and nothing is released at this time, you know in this free world things comes... when they have to !)

maybe you might consider to subscribe ?


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