[Ardour-Users] [off-list or to the list?] Multiple USB Input recording ___IS___ needed. No it is not "DUMMB" to want this feature

will cunningham willpanther at gmail.com
Sun Jan 19 08:13:57 PST 2014

My point was about agreeing with a previous poster about separating quality
from the word professional.  I was saying that the most elite
players/producers I have dealings with aren't as good as SOME of the meat
and potato sound engineers I know here in town and that Ardour could do a
better job mixing than I hear some top 40 projects are ending up with.

The USB issues beat to death here are on two fronts, there's the quality
issue, that I was commenting on, but mainly it's the fact that connecting
multiple USB mics even if they are of great quality is likely to be sketchy
even beyond the problems one has using multiple sound cards.

On the price issue, I bought an MAudio delta 66 for my office last week for
under $100.  With Guitarix, much cheaper than a Peavey amp at 0, and with a
very nice distortion sound; I can use an under $100 DI box to plug into the
MAudio.  If I wanted tube warmth/distortion, I could use a tube effect for
under $300.

I could use one of my guitars which I paid $100 and my luthier basically
rebuilt for $250.  He got so excited about the set of knock off parts I got
on the web he hadn't heard of that he did an insane amount of work for the
$.  The entire guitar is killer under $700 total.

The standard of the 'elite' guitar players I referred to in my last post
still doing sessions in NY go to a guy in the Bronx who modifies Blues Jrs
for them which they bring to their sessions.  He pretty much just does a
few adjustments on them that cost about $100, not even the serious Blues Jr
rebuilds available out there.

I would still with all of the above want the CLARITY I get from the MAudio
for a whopping $100.  I helped an engineer move to all digital and he
insisted on using RME.  His entire rig even with RME was unbelievably
cheaper than the $10 000 digital solution he was planning on.  Now I'm
eating crow because I'm also having to use RME for some of our needs, and I
said I wasn't going to have to.  I have to because RME is better than
MAudio delta, and I need that quality difference for what we're doing, and
because I have to hand in a budget that I can't include discontinued items
on.  If I used a USB mic, the singers could tell the difference from what
we use, and by the time we finished editing in the free Ardour, the
artifacts would be even more noticeable.

There are many wonderful old school musicians in there '60s who are herded
to pay $3000 for an Apple setup and then use really crummy entry level
firewire cards/preamps that are shoved at them.  All they want are the
equivalent of the 4 tracks they had at home in the '70s you made your home
demos on in before the digital era, and get propaganda on how to achieve

With a Linux box for under $500, they would have enough left over to spend
their money on decent preamps/mics that would blow away what they are being
fed now for less money.  Ardour could be a serious part of this work flow.
The variable is not cost but knowledge on where to spend what funds you
have for the task.

The knowledge that even if you got a bunch of USB mics to play well
together would be sketchy for things like jitter goes beyond the actual
quality of the mic itself, and that is a major clock/architecture issue.

My vote, that motivated me to make a post, was not if to improve multible
USB mics in Ardour/Linux; it was on when.  We're close enough with the
current state of Ardour in Linux to taking on everybody, that finishing
cleaning the bugs/current features of Ardour3 is where I believe Paul,
Robin's energies should go first.  Jorn trumped my initial point rightfully
when he responded that these USB coordinating issues were outside the realm
of Ardour to begin with.

have a great day from your fucked elitist bastard friend,


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