[Ardour-Users] Multiple USB Input recording ___IS___ needed. No it is not "DUMMB" to want this feature

Marco Bertorello marco at bertorello.ns0.it
Tue Jan 14 09:50:33 PST 2014

2014/1/14 Steve the Fiddle <stevethefiddle at gmail.com>:
> This is ridiculous Marco. In one breath you are saying that Ardour is
> only for professionals and in the next breath you are saying that it
> is only for amateurs and hobbyists.

where?!? I never said this. Others said that Ardour is pro-only.

For my own point of  view, Ardour can fit both goal and I wondering
why not-pro way of work is bad regardless

> Whether or not Ardour is used by celebrities is irrelevant. The

for me is important. If someone tell me that is pro-only, i want to
known who are the pros that use it.
If they are unknown people, while well-knowned ones use other
softweare, how can somebody say that Ardour is pro-only?!

> important question is whether it is a good DAW (which it is :-)

yes, is it for me also (wow, so, i'm a pro!).

> Using multiple non-synchronised devices is not recommended. I think
> that point has been made several times already so there really is
> little point in continuing this discussion.

is not recommended by who? for do what?

if you want a high-prolike-summer-hit-quality at all costs, you are
right, is not recommended.

but if you just want record a low-quality-demo and cannot spend a lot
of money, what do you recommend? to start a mortage to cover the costs
of hardware that is just an overkill?

best regards

Marco Bertorello
System Administrator

"prima di sgomberarci sgombratevi il cervello
noi siamo la comunità toglietevi il cappello"

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