[Ardour-Users] recognizing external timebase tempo changes?

Studio Channing studiochanning at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 19 13:17:42 PST 2014

Hi all, is there any way to allow Ardour to recognize tempo changes as 
produced by a different Jack transport master?

We are using a combination of MIDI sources - some "live" from MIDI 
instruments, some sequenced from e.g. Qtractor or Rosegarden. Everything 
then gets routed to Ardour (3.5.74) for recording MIDI and/or audio with 
Jack positional sync enabled.

This works great for constant tempos but when e.g. Qtractor is the jack 
timebase master and does a tempo change, Ardour does not seem to 
recognize this and show/use the new tempo on its side. Even if we stick 
to audio tracks we have problems because we have plugins on those tracks 
that rely on tempo information (e.g. CALF delay)

Is there a combination of settings that will allow Ardour to recognize 
external tempo changes via Jack? Or is this not possible right now? Any 
tips from the community are appreciated, thanks!

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