[Ardour-Users] ardour manual - french translation on linuxmao.org

humbert.olivier.1 at free.fr humbert.olivier.1 at free.fr
Fri Feb 7 16:50:59 PST 2014

> (THE biggest documentation site about M.A.O. with linux in the world) 

Come on mate, don't you know that within the english-speaking part of the world, an enormous big huge lot of bunches of people think that we frenchies are arrongant ? Please, don't feed the cliché bro ! I'm gently and wisely asking some more humility here. :)

@all: Please tell me that I'm wrong, I'm pleading you there. Any silence is going to be considerated as an approval of the previous sentence ;-)

Anyway, c'est la vie...!

Keep up good work, Ardour is definitly an awesome piece of software.
Thanks to all the devs who deserve it for the hard work they make and give as a common wealth good.

All the best to you all,

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