[Ardour-Users] One test case for lost midi files

Vincenzo Ciancia vincenzoml at gmail.com
Sat Aug 16 13:42:39 PDT 2014

Hi all,

after my previous rant on this mailing list, I started using btrfs
plus regular snapshots and backups, in order to not loose my work
every time ardour has a bug that deletes midi files. This is
satisfactory and I advice such a setup to all users. A snapshotting
file system does not clone data, so it's efficient for large files
such as DAW sessions.

Now I will try to report issues with deletion of midi files when they
happen, hoping to get a better ardour over time, if this is better put
in a bug tracker please let me know. Today I triggered one unwanted
bad behaviour with midi files: I split a region of a midi track, then
resized both parts, then decided to undo everything, then saved the
session. At next restart, I received warnings for two missing midi
files, and the track was blank. In the .ardour file I can see there
are three midi sources and the two missing ones are referenced. I
saved copies of the previous working snapshot, and the bugged one, so
I can provide further data if needed.


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