[Ardour-Users] how to add comments at intervals on regions or tracks?

leo leokn at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 2 22:06:49 PDT 2013

I recently donated $25 for Paul Davis's Ardour 3.3.1 and the download and install went fine; I am totally enjoying this new version! And a few minutes ago I subscribed to donating $4 monthly to Ardour.org as my limited way of showing gratitude for the Ardour project. I am running Ardour 3 on a different hard drive and Ubuntu 13.04.

Question: I'm now working on a project where I imported a wav song file ("How Insensitive", a play-along bossa nova, stereo, from a cd that came with a Hal Leonard book that I have. I used Audacity to convert it to wav format.

Now I have 3 tracks...a left channel, a right channel, and a mono channel version.

I also have a hard copy of the sheet music from my "The Real Book, 6th edition." And I changed the chords to fit my style and personal preference.

What I want to do at this point is to be able to put markers at various points on the tracks and regions to make a notation, such as which of the 32 bars in the tune it's at, and stuff like the chord and chord-melody, etc.

Then I want to, after soloing and recording my guitar on a new track, do the same thing again.

Is this possible to do in Ardour 3.3.1 ?? .....  (And on Ardour 3 for that matter also)
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