[Ardour-Users] Midi map binding

tweed davidtweed2003 at yahoo.com
Sun May 5 16:07:43 PDT 2013

from mixer.bindings.  
     <Binding key="Left" action="Mixer/scroll-left"/>
     <Binding key="Right" action="Mixer/scroll-right"/>
i guess the real question is can actions from mixer.bindings be used in a midimap.

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Subject: Re: [Ardour-Users] Midi map binding
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Date: Sunday, May 5, 2013, 7:00 PM

i don't think that this action exists. what makes you think it does? (i am often wrong)

On Sun, May 5, 2013 at 6:52 PM, tweed <davidtweed2003 at yahoo.com> wrote:

Can a midi message (in a generic midimap) bind to a Mixer action?

  <Binding msg="B0 3a 7f" action="Mixer/scroll-left"/>
  <Binding msg="B0 3b 7f" function="Mixer/scroll-right"/>

can't seem to make it work.


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