[Ardour-Users] Freeze

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Wed Mar 20 13:01:32 PDT 2013


I'm trying to understand exactly how Freeze works but there doesn't seem 
to be any information about it in the manual yet. Can anyone shed any 
light on it?

 From what I can gather, it takes into account the fader level so the 
bounced audio at fader level 0.0 is the same as the unfrozen at whatever 
position the fader was it. If there is fader automation, is this printed 
or is the audio just bounced through at a static level?

Does altering/automating the fader level of the frozen audio disturb the 
pre-frozen fader level in any way?

Presumably pan automation isn't captured as this occurs post-fader, is 
that right? (Plus, of course, that would mean mono tracks would have to 
become stereo upon freezing... okay, I think I've answered my own 
question there!)

By the way, I notice that Send fader automation still works after audio 
is frozen, which is a really nice touch.

I doubt I'll ever use anything other than post-fader sends for reverb, 
but out of interest, what happens with pre-fader sends? Is the frozen 
audio just rendered through the pre-send plugins but not post-send 
plugins and the fader, or is the fader level taken into account?

It seems that all frozen bounces are kept, even after a track is 
unfrozen, is that right? Is there a way of getting rid of older bounces 
so that sessions don't balloon due to numerous rounds of 

Many thanks


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