[Ardour-Users] Monitor section & midi map

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Sun Mar 10 16:24:58 PDT 2013


I'm trying to create a midi map for a Korg nanoKONTROL to control Ardour 
(rc3), but I'm struggling to figure out how to add a couple of things to 
the map.

I can map the Mono and Dim on the monitoring section to buttons by 
Ctrl+clicking and pressing the button, but I can't work out what needs 
adding to the map file -- what are the midi bindings/actions for these?

I've looked in the other maps and in the ardour.bindings file but can't 
find what I'm looking for. It'd be useful to be able to control the SiP 
Cut, Dim or Monitor volume knobs as well.

Also, I noticed that the SiP Cut behaves oddly: all the other knobs on 
the monitor section respond as expected when assigned to a knob or 
fader. The SiP Cut often moves only a small amount and then stops when 
the knob/slider is swept the full extent, in either direction, whilst 
occasionally it will sweep the full range from inf to +6 dB as expected.

Thanks in advance


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