[Ardour-Users] default MIDI connections

David Santamauro david.santamauro at gmail.com
Sat Jun 15 07:16:54 PDT 2013

On 06/15/2013 07:23 AM, Paul Davis wrote:
> the connections preference applies to all types of tracks. it probably
> needs to live in some other place or be lavelled diferently. did you
> just try it?

Just tried, and a new MIDI track still connects automatically but only 
to the outputs. Input connection settings seem to be respected. This 
fixes it:

libs/ardour/session.cc:1837 (diff attached)

this ...
if ((*t) == DataType::MIDI ||
     Config->get_output_auto_connect() &
     AutoConnectPhysical) {

should be ...
if ((*t) == DataType::MIDI &&
     Config->get_output_auto_connect() &
     AutoConnectPhysical ) {

If you are thinking of reorganizing those particular preferences, I 
would suggest a separate "Connections" tab and for clarity, separate 
Audio and MIDI connection preferences within the same tab.

> but anyway, you don't have to keep reconnecting. there is a MIDI
> input-enable button in every MIDI mixer strip. if you turn it off, that
> track will receive no MIDI at all, no matter what it is connected to.

fair enough, but my concerns are (were) with outputs

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