[Ardour-Users] Linuxsampler plugin in Ardour3

Edward Diehl diehl at umich.edu
Mon Jan 7 14:06:02 PST 2013

I have questions about using the linuxsampler LV2 plugin on a midi
track Ardour3 (SVN 13736).  Ardour3 thinks that the track has 32
channels, rather than 2 which is what I expected.  Possibly Ardour
thinks there are 32 output channels because each midi track can have
16 midi channels and each midi channel may have a stereo output,
though other midi plugins only result in 2 channels.  At any rate, the
32 channels output has several other effects - you cannot put any
plugins on the channel because Ardour expects a plugin with 32 inputs
(though you can send the output of 2 channels to a bus and use
plugins), and the panner turns into a gear-like object which I cannot
figure out how to use (ok, should be solvable, though I'm totally
convinced that the panner is fully functional after playing with it
for a while).  Also the "routing" panel does not do a good job with
such high channel counts since the names of the channels often are cut
off or entirely outside the panel (ie. not visible).

It would be nice if Ardour3 configured the number of outputs to match
what you have loaded in linuxsampler.  Maybe Ardour3 does not know
what you have configured because the actual sample loading is done
outside of Ardour3 (with Jsampler or Qsampler).  Well then maybe one
has to make busses to add additional plugins to linuxsampler tracks,
or maybe there is a way to configure Ardour to just have 2 audio
channels for a linuxsampler plugin.

I also added 2 linuxsampler instruments to one Ardour midi track, set
to midi channel 1 and 2 respectively.  I assumed that channel 1 would
be sent to output audio channels 1&2 and midi chan 2 to output audio
channels 3&4.  However I see that all audio is being sent to audio
channels 1&2.  So I am a bit confused about the connection between who
the audio is routed between linuxsampler and ardour.  If everything
gets routed to stereo then why have 32 output audio channels?

I have not made any bug reports because I do not know what the
intention is to wknow whether all these observations are features or
bugs (probably a mix).

Thanks, Edward Diehl
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