[Ardour-Users] midi plugin on audio+midi track

David Santamauro david.santamauro at gmail.com
Fri Dec 27 03:00:49 PST 2013

On 12/27/2013 05:25 AM, David Santamauro wrote:
> ======
> You attempted to add the plugin "MIDI Channel Map" in slot 1.
> This plugin has:
>    1 MIDI Input
>    0 audio inputs
> but at the insertion point, there are:
>    1 MIDI channel
>    2 audio channels
> Ardour is unable to insert this plugin here.
> ======
> So how does one go about adding a MIDI plugin to an "audio+midi track"?

I guess one doesn't.

Audio/MIDI Tracks
     There are a few notable plugins that can usefully accept both audio 
and MIDI data (Reaktor is one, and various "auto-tune" like plugins are 
another example. It can be tricky to configure this type of track 
manually, so Ardour allows you to select this track type specifically 
for use when working with such plugins. It is not generally the right 
choice when working normal MIDI tracks, and a dialog will warn you of 

[1] https://community.ardour.org/manual/track_types

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