[Ardour-Users] Range duration

Jörn Nettingsmeier nettings at stackingdwarves.net
Fri Dec 13 12:53:27 PST 2013

hi susanne,

On 12/13/2013 12:58 PM, Susanne Billig wrote:
> Hi,
> maybe you can help solve another problem:
> When I define a range - is there any way to see how long it is....?
> I do see the timecode, but this gives me the absolute time, what I need,
> though, is the relative time/duration only of my defined range.
> Thank you very much in advance, S.

in ardour3, you have a special selection info widget next to the primary 
and secondary clocks. it will always tell you the beginning, end, and 
duration of any range you are currently marking with the range tool.
for range markers, you can take a look at the "locations" window 
(accessible with alt-l) or via the window menu. there is the same 
information for all ranges defined in your session.



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