[Ardour-Users] Ardour 3.5.143 released

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Sun Dec 22 13:45:06 PST 2013

 Ardour 3.5.143 released

Continuing on with our cycle of monthly releases, 3.5.143 is a bug fix
release that comes out while other major development work continues on in
the background. It fixes a handful of major bugs, notably with MIDI Clock,
Generic MIDI control and Mackie Control support. You'll also find
monitoring source control in the meter bridge, a new K12/RMS meter type,
and more than a dozen other bug fixes.

As usual you can download it from the usual
and as usual subscribers get this update without cost. Thanks to everyone
for their support (and encouragement).

Once again, the OS X release situation has still not improved, though a
demo 64 bit copy of 3.4 is available (fully featured except that is has
does not have the video timeline, no saving or restoring of plugin
settings, and no plugin presets).
Functional Bug Fixes

   - fix continuous send of MIDI start/position/stop messages introduced by
   mistake in last release
   - deliver MIDI clock position messages when stopped (e.g. when locating)
   - Mackie Control support now saves & restores port connections
   - fix feedback for Generic MIDI control support

New Features

   - allow (optional) In/Disk monitoring button in Meter Bridge
   - add K12/RMS meter type


   - When editing a clock value in "Samples" mode, treat an empty edit as a
   - Distinguish Save-as and Snapshot dialog windows
   - Metering: reset time-axis peak when meter-point changes
   - Fix for toolbar master-meter w/o master bus and/or detached toolbar
   - Fix a crash during export when using 8 bit format
   - Various minor fixups for the Audio/MIDI setup dialog
   - Fix up a bunch of confusion regarding the size/capacity/allocation of
   audio & midi buffers
   - Don't run MIDI clock "tick" if session is silent (e.g. due to a locate)
   - Load VST plugins using version > 2.4 but print a warning for each one
   (they may simply not work)
   - Recognize ppc64, ppc, s390x, s390 CPUs, default to 'none' instead of
   i686 (which tries to build with SSE and fails on non-x86 architectures).
   - Distinguish flags influencing optimization (overridable) from those
   necessary for building (e.g. for using SSE).
   - Fix a bug where memset was being used to fill a gain buffer with 1.0
   - Compare region names case-sensitively
   - Compare plugin/creator/category names UTF8-aware
   - LV2 plugins: adjust LV2 ringbuffer size according to LV2:resize-port
   - LV2 plugins: increase scratch buffer size to request port minimum size
   - rsynth.lv2: fix octave, and fix note off+on within same synth cycle
   - Midi Clock: fix wrong calculation of loop error, and fix bandwidth to
   2/60 for best results
   - Mackie Control: fix various subtle problems when changing devices


Nils Philippsen, Robin Gareus, Hans Baier, Sakari Bergen, Paul Davis
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