[Ardour-Users] Bugs

John Page brmj.page at gmail.com
Fri Dec 13 15:51:57 PST 2013


one thing that bugs me is that sometimes ardour stops responding to the
keypresses that should act on the region below the mouse, for example 's',
or 'delete'. and I'm left to crawl through the menus to get to the same
result. That has been happening to me on and off for months. At first I
could only recover by quitting Ardour and reloading it, then sometimes the
issue would go away.

I have never managed to pinpoint what might be causing this, a keypress
that changes some mode? a bug? Nothing changes visually just those keys
don't work.

Any ideas?

Warning: never try to create a session with the same name as another in a
different directory. Ardour will randomly open one or the other even if you
browse to the folder and select the .ardour file for one of them. Weird!

Oh, and I am running the latest release version.

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