[Ardour-Users] Qcon control surface support

Yoann Lubiato contact at lymixstudio.com
Thu Aug 29 19:08:12 PDT 2013

Jorn, i think you wont regret the device, actually it was the thing i
was waiting for to fully switch on Ardour and do serious work with it.
Even if some functionnalities still miss, Ardour and the Qcon really
make a good  pair.
I've been using it with nuendo, and it covers all the mackie hui
capabilities, so the potential is here.
I'm quite glad i'm not alone to be interested in making this  work,
even if i personnally dont have  the real skills it demands.
The midi to osc could be worth a try, and for me a way to progress
in my  really basic understanding of all this.
But, i think Paul is "right about the right things", and i feel like
exploring te mackie files, and start to understand more about that.
Always better than watching  TV anyway...

Paul, are some of those missing functions available with the Nucleus,
specially controlling aux sends faders?

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