[Ardour-Users] Calf Multi-Band Comp not playing nicely with Ardour 3.x?

Aaron Herzon herzona at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 4 20:28:21 PDT 2013

Hmmmm. . . . 

For giggles, I moved the compressor to the master bus and this seemed to fix
whatever was wrong initially (ran 25 minutes with the GUI up).  Then, I
tried it again and it did the same thing.  So there is some variability to
this issue.  I don't know if there are any fundamental differences between a
created bus and the master bus that would have anything to do with this
issue anyway.

Seems like as long as I don't keep the GUI up indefinitely, there are no
issues.  Not an issue, I don't normally keep the GUI up anyway . . . I just
did accidentally and found the issue.  I'm going to drop this and just
remember the keep the GUI closed and move on with my life.  

If anyone cares, here is summary of some other troubleshooting I had done
since my last post here and  prior to this last change:  

1) attempted to build the latest stable Calf release from source. Got
errors. Since I don't really fully understand this process I stopped and
didn't go to the install step.

2) installed the older AVLinux package I had stored dated September of 2012
since I thought that had worked when I had 6.0 installed. Same issue,

3) turned on the task manager and noticed Conky using pretty much CPU
(>10%). Thought that was weird so I turned it off. Left the task manager on
so I could see what was going on

4) started over, this time watching the task manager, with interesting
With Compressor GUI off, A3.3 was using about 10%, Xorg 1-2% during playback
Turn on compressor GUI and Xorg CPU jumps to around 50% but Ardour stays at
about 10% . . . 

Leave the GUI up during playback and in about 5 minutes CPU for Ardour
starts to drift up but Xorg is steady at about 50%.  Once CPU for Ardour
reaches about 30%, all heck breaks loose. Gaps in playback is a sign that it
is all over. When that happens, you can stop the transport, close the
compressor GUI, but Ardour is still chewing on something, continues to grab
more resources, and in a few minutes will be locked tight.

In my testing tonight, however, with the compressor on the master bus,
Ardour did look like it was running away but I stopped the transport, closed
the compressor GUI and Ardour did eventually recover after about 5 minutes.

As mentioned above, I'm ready to move on.  If anyone wants to act on this
and wants more info from me our would like me to do something else, please
let me know.  My time and skill is limited but I am interested in
contributing as I can.

A final note:  It seems amazing to me that Ardour can do what it does so
efficiently.  Kudos to Paul and the team for a really compelling piece of
software.  I subscribe and tell everyone I know . . . hopefully Ardour will
continue to grow and get even better!


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Calf Multi-Band Comp work nicely on master bus, here.
With a phenomII x4 with 8GO ram DDRIII

But all calf plugins are quite "heavy" when their GUI are on.

Good luck.

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