[Ardour-Users] Qcon control surface support

Yoann Lubiato contact at lymixstudio.com
Mon Aug 26 11:15:01 PDT 2013

Hi, i'm working on a function key map for the iCon qCon control surface
,and i'd like to get some suggestions from other users about the
functions they expect to have first on the device
Here's my proposal so far :

window management : Mixer/Meterbridge/Audio connections/ Midi
connections - Save/restore views

Transport : go to previous(next) marker / go to start (end) / punch in
(out) / auto return / loop selected region / click on / tap
tempo /insert(show) markers

Monitor : dim /exclusive solo

Edit : split /export / nudge / align / snapmode

Tool selct  : smart(zoom) / object(draw) / Range (listen)

() means shift option

All suggestions welcome, thanks!

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