[Ardour-Users] Ardour: Prog-Rock Band Recordings

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Wed Nov 21 11:36:01 PST 2012

On 21/11/12 12:42, Ben Bell wrote:
> After several years of using Ardour I thought I'd follow the trend and
> post a couple of things here for general amusement :)
> They should however carry a health warning: they're mostly long prog-rock
> pieces.
> Everything here except the lead vocals were done in Ardour. Mostly live,
> with overdubs.
>    http://www.fusionorchestra2.com/media/
> The only reason the lead vocals weren't Ardour is that the singer recorded
> them separately at her home setup.
> And this is 100% Ardour, and was a more conventional layer-by-layer studio
> recording:
>    http://soundcloud.com/benjamesbell/sketch-of-a-day
> All the effects (beyond those inherent in the instruments) are free LADSPA
> plugins, so this is a pure Open Source effort.
> I'm pretty happy with the results I've been getting. My skills at mixing
> and mastering aren't great, and recording drums in a shoebox room is always
> going to be a challenge, but all in all I think ardour holds up to the
> challenge really well.
> Oh, and if anyone with more mixing skills is interested in helping out in
> future... ;)
> bjb

Hi Ben

Thanks for posting. I'm just listening to Sketch Of A Day now, I'll try 
to listen to them all at some point.

I'm only 5 minutes in so far, but I really like it. It reminds me quite 
a bit of Camel, both old and new. It has a certain wistful melancholy to 
it that I like. Ooo, just got to the climax -- wow! That's a fantastic 
track :-)

I don't think you need to worry about getting someone with more mixing 
skills, your rough mix is already sounding pretty damn good! As a bit of 
a Mellotron fan, I think some of the Tron parts could stand to be mixed 
a bit higher though ;-) Out of interest, what are you using for Tron 
sounds? There's some tasty synth playing as well, what synths did you use?

You ought to post this over on the Linux Audio User list as well -- 
there are a couple of progheads over there besides me, one of whom isn't 
on this list (isn't an Ardour user) and whom I think would really 
appreciate this.

Again, many thanks again for sharing.


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