[Ardour-Users] "bounce" MIDI regions in the same track

Fred f.rech at yahoo.fr
Fri May 18 09:51:28 PDT 2012

Le 18/05/2012 13:26, Paul Davis a écrit :
> On Fri, May 18, 2012 at 4:07 AM, Fred <f.rech at yahoo.fr
>     when have finished to record a drum track live from keyboard, (one
>     take for BD+SN, one take for HH, etc...) the result is a MIDI track
>     with several regions which you can choose the top one to edit. At
>     least, that's what I see and understand (!) in my A3 learn process...
>     Have searched but can't find a way to put
>     all these regions in one, to edit all notes in one go, without
>     changing the top region. It seems there's nothing on the subject in
>     the list archive.
> there's no way to do this other than re-recording to a new MIDI track.

Thanks for this idea Paul, it doesn't came to me ! (and solve the lil' 
problem was the goal, so no more problem, for the moment..)
> in general you should follow a similar workflow for MIDI as for audio -
> put different instruments into different tracks. drum tracks are
> arguably an exception, and a3 currently doesn't have a very good
> workflow to support the traditional way of working on these.

On the other hand, since we have unlimited tracks in Ardour, it could be 
more simple to have a track for each MIDI drums "piece", as in IRL. Your 
message makes think to that, and I will reconsider the way to work with 
MIDI drums from Linuxsampler in Ardour, maybe in an un-traditional way 
(but who cares if it works?!!).

Maybe it's _faster_ to have several MIDI tracks for BD, SN, etc, and 
mute all but one, then record the audio, then record the second, etc...

Faster than assign a MIDI channel by intruments and having several 
engines in Linuxsampler ? If somebody have an idea on the list, please 
let know what you think

Thanks again & nice week end, doctor Paul :-))

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