[Ardour-Users] Track Cue List, "Red Book" CD Mastering, and CD burning

Kevin Cosgrove kevinc at cosgroves.us
Thu May 17 23:01:21 PDT 2012

Hi all,

I need to master an audio CD of a live concert.  I'm doing the
mixing in Ardour, and that's going just fine.  But, I have
questions for some upcoming steps.

  - In the export section of Ardour (I'm using 2.8) I've seen
    stuff about exporting CD markers, or something to that
    effect.  How is that used?

  - I need to burn a CD that's got song markers, but no gaps
    because that sounds strange (to me) in a live show.  Is
    that controlled by Ardour, or the burning program, or
    both?  How?

  - What Linux CD burning program(s) can make use of the CD cue
    info exported by Ardour?

  - I need to make my master CD conform to "Red Book" standard.
    What Linux CD burning program(s) will do that?  One thing I'm
    told about "Red Book" standard, for instance, is that track
    one starts at -2.0 seconds, with the audio beginning at 0.0

I don't have to do as many steps in Ardour as I've indicated.  It
would be nice to use as few tools as needed.  If another program
between Ardour and CD burning, e.g. Audacity, makes the overall
job easier, that's fine by me.

Any advice people?



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