[Ardour-Users] best practices for a3 + external midi exporting?

Bill Sack bsack23 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 16:55:20 PDT 2012

hi all,
have been using part of my spring break to dig into ardour 3 - really fun &
usable so far!

so, the first of what will no doubt be a series of dumb questions: how do
people export, i.e. 'bounce,' a project that uses external midi
instruments? i have a project that has some audio tracks, some midi tracks
with plugin instruments, and a midi drum track using hydrogen as an
external instrument. i made a bus in ardour to run hydrogen's output back
into. when i did an export, all the audio and midi plugin's sounds were
there, but not the hydrogen sounds. is it necessary to record hydrogen's
output onto an ardour audio track before exporting?
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