[Ardour-Users] Virtual "merge" device doesn't work following steps on the wiki

Carlos sanchiavedraz csanchezgs at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 04:00:54 PDT 2012

Dear all.

I've followed the instructions in the wiki[1] to get a personalized
virtual hybrid audio device in such a way that I can use the INs and
OUTs of my internal and external cards.

I copied the specification example for asoundrc file and just made
some little changes to adapt it to my preferences: I refer to my
external sound card by name, and I put its channels first in order
instead of the internal card as is in the example.

I put my .asoundrc in place and restarted the system but no merge
device appeared on QJactl configuration. At the end of this mail is my
.asoundrc file[2].

I think I followed every step as indicated, but maybe I missed something.

BTW, there are two lines in the example that don't ';' at the end of
the line, and checking other examples it seems it is mandatory. Just
in case, I tested my configuration as the example and with ';' on
every line, but no luck.

Thanks in advance.

[1] http://jackaudio.org/multiple_devices
pcm.merge {
    type multi;
    slaves.a.pcm hw:0
    slaves.a.channels 2;
    slaves.b.pcm hw:UA25EX
    slaves.b.channels 2;
    bindings.0.slave b;
    bindings.0.channel 0;
    bindings.1.slave b;
    bindings.1.channel 1;
    bindings.2.slave a;
    bindings.2.channel 0;
    bindings.3.slave a;
    bindings.3.channel 1;

ctl.merge {
    type hw
    card 0

Carlos sanchiavedraz
* Musix GNU+Linux

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