[Ardour-Users] Denormals

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Sun Jan 1 12:05:42 PST 2012

On 01/01/12 19:33, Ross Hamblin wrote:
> Did you try the pre-built binary of ardour 2.8.12 as a test? I had the
> problem
> with disabled denormals functions in several versions previous to 2.8.12
> (both distro packaged and self compiled), scons threw a warning about
> CPU unknown IIRC, but with the release of binary 2.8.12 I am able to use
> those functions again. The binary Ardour 3 also works fine here. I have
> an AMD Phenom CPU.
> Hope this helps,
> Ross.

Hi Ross

I hope you don't mind me CC'ing this to the list.

Many thanks for the suggestion, I hadn't thought of that. When I 
originally downloaded 2.8.12 I was only able to get the source code. But 
being the first of the month, I've just been able to download the binary 
version (it was the binary of A3 that I downloaded and installed earlier 

The binary version is allowing me to select processor-handling of 

I've re-activated the three instances of Invada Delay which seemed 
earlier to be pushing the DSP load up. The session's load was around 25% 
at idle, rising to around 35% whilst playing.

I gave it some abuse, starting and stopping a lot and jumping around 
from one marker to another whilst playing. The load eventually shot up 
to 60% but not much more and stayed there for the time it's taken to 
write this until just a moment ago (and it's shot back up again [and a 
few minutes later still dropped back to 32%. And is back up again! {And 
down again. And up again, I'm getting seasick!}]).

So it seems that the processor denormal handling is helping a great 
deal, but isn't completely resolving the issue.

In future, if building from source I'll have to pay closer attention to 
the messages from scons, or just wait until I can download the binary 
(or pay for it).

Once again, many many thanks for this specific tip -- I cc'd this to the 
list to share this nugget of information for the benefit of everyone. 
And thanks to everyone else who has responded and chipped in, as I say, 
it seems better but not cured so if anyone else has any other ideas, 
fire away...


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