[Ardour-Users] Denormals

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Sun Jan 1 07:33:02 PST 2012

On 01/01/12 14:40, John Rigg wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 01, 2012 at 11:28:47AM +0000, Q wrote:
>> However, even with the denormal handling turned on the CPU load is
>> fluctuating wildly as it was in Ardour 2. There's still nothing showing
>> in the task manager as using a huge amount of CPU, besides Ardour itself.
> You now have CPU frequency scaling disabled but the problem persists,
> correct?
> John

I've never had CPU frequency scaling enabled.

I say never, I know at some point in the past I very quickly discovered 
that it was a bad idea and it's been disabled ever since; that was 
probably when this machine was first built over three years ago and I 
forgot to turn it off.

The problem does indeed persist, but it's not quite so bad in A3 as that 
seems to allow processor handling of denormals so the DSP load was a 
little lower overall. I experienced a few instabilities so I'm reverting 
to A2 for the time being.

I'm just in the process of posting an update/summary of my findings so 
far, which might clarify things a little.

Thanks again


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