[Ardour-Users] Ardour3 + linuxsampler plugin

Edward Diehl diehl at umich.edu
Fri Feb 17 10:51:32 PST 2012


Thanks for the suggestion about lilv.  I have done the following:
o built the entire drobilla-lad SVN 3982 (this includes lilv) 
o built libgig, linuxsampler, qsampler, lscp SVN 2314
o built ardour3 SVN 11501

however, reloading of gig, sf2 files still does not work...

Get some promising looking messages from Ardour like this from saving
a session which has been created a midi track with linuxsampler plugin
and loading a gig file:

LV2 LinuxSampler has state interface
NEW DIR: /mdkhome/sound/recording/ardour3/PianoLive/plugins/126/state1
Saved LV2 state to

But when you start Ardour and reload the session the gig is not
reloaded. I do get 2 of these:

Loading LV2 state from

which sound promising, but no sample loading starts.  I would say that
Ardour is not starting Linuxsampler, which it would need to do.  When
I do start Qsampler I see this message in Ardour's terminal:

LSCPServer: Client connection established on socket:45.  It seems to
me that Ardour would need to start or connect with LSCP.  I'm
completely stumped now.

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