[Ardour-Users] Armed Recording Track Records ALL Tracks Playing?

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Sat Feb 4 17:05:31 PST 2012

you're using the builtin audio "soundcard" on your computer. its
hardware mixer is set to capture the output that is being sent to the

neither JACK nor Ardour touch the hardware mixer of your audio
interface. this is a task for a specialized application (in some
cases, an application written solely for your specific type of audio

start with something like qamix (GUI) or alsamixer (terminal). it can
be complicated.

On 2/4/12, Kromatic Photography <kromaticphoto at gmail.com> wrote:
>     As I say, the track armed to record picks up ALL the tracks open in the
> session.
>     Obviously, I need to be able to record JUST the line/mic in audio.   I
> need to HEAR all the other tracks, but NOT record them.  I tried messing
> around with input options on the armed record track, but I seem to record
> all the current tracks + input or nothing at all.
>     Any suggestions?  Thanks for taking the time to help!  The program
> looks great... if I can just figure this out.
> - K

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